About Us

Love bags designer has been engaged in sharing affordable replicas of Super high quality to the world.

We realize that thought of owning an authentic luxury designer handbag, such Louis Vuitton or Hermes is just a dream to many bag lovers with prices tags reaching thousands. We also know that many fake bags with same price as real ones are available all around the world, and we've seen the cheap knock offs available at street markets throughout the world, but they don't even look like a luxury bag. They are often made with cheap material and dull metal hard ware.

To bag lovers, it maybe a nightmare to try to choose a bag with high performance cost ratio. Here, Omgbags prides ourselves on replicating authentic designer bags to a mirror image quality. The bags we create are meticulously crafted by our skilled artisans, with every detail replicated to the original bags which we do indeed purchase from authentic designer boutiques.

We have been sharing designer bags of high quality to every friend from the world.

If you'd like to join our international client list, simply browse our website beautyorder.top and find a luxury bag that you wish to purchase, it will be with you in a matter of days.

High-end customer service

As a leading trading company. We offer high-quality merchandise. For the online shopping enthusiasts, to provide fast, convenient and simple shopping entire process.As a major retail, wholesale B2C Internet business platform. We provide buyers with an efficient and manageable procurement process, covering the supply chain and streamline every stage of trade channels.

Our Mission

1. providing our customers with the best quality service, tailored to your industry solutions.
2. to establish a transparent, automatic billing, time-saving shopping e-commerce market.
3. to provide cost-effective trade services, using the latest e-commerce technologies and integrating trade channels.
4. the buyer in the shopping process simplification. At the same time, save a lot of buyers shopping time..

Our advantages

1.Resources and e-commerce in a variety of domestic and foreign trade channels.
2. advanced search technology that can provide all kinds of information.
3. Unique mode of operation, combining traditional trading channels and Internet channels.
4. We have now introduced, online shopping information security encryption submitted.

Our payment

Wise   &   Paypal   &   Western Union (10% off)    &   Money gram (10% off)   &    Zelle   &   Walmart pay   &    Bank of America transfer

Any questions, please contact us online ,we are always online by 24hours !